A Complete Whole30 Meal Plan Guide for Beginners! Know the Basics

Whole30 Diet

A Whole30 Meal Plan – quick and easy weight loss technique! This is absolutely magnificent for kicking off your meal prep, holiday planning and more! EASY, HEALTHY & DELICIOUS.

The Whole 30 Meal Plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dishes!

So, guys if you’re looking for a new plan to kickstart your weight loss journey, there’s no better place to start than with the Whole30 program.

This 30-day clean eating program cuts out sugar, alcohol, dairy, legumes, and grains from your diet to renew your body.

Though the program is not precisely designed as a weight-loss diet, most users do find themselves losing a bit of weight when they cut back on problem area foods.

As you’ll see in this Whole30 meal plan, there’s not a lot of added calories but that doesn’t mean that we skimp on flavor!

Below is a breakdown of Whole30 for beginners, including what foods you can eat while following the 30-day meal plan, what experts say about it and what results you might see.


What’s the Whole30?

Whole30 is a meal plan designed specifically to include more whole foods into your diet.

The plan lasts for 30 days, and once it’s complete, its makers recommend slowly introducing rejected items back into your diet, one at a time.

Here the goal is to understand what sensitivities you might have with certain foods.

Whole30 is a 30-day clean-eating plan developed in order to clean up your eating habits by taking off foods from your plate that might be having a negative impact on your health.

Yes, you guessed it right!

I am talking about the foods that are super hard to give up: grains, dairy, alcohol, sugar, dairy and legumes.

Committing to the Whole30 is breaking up with the carb-fueled diet, dessert-every-night, booze-filled that many of you’ve been following for the past month, and instead, swiping right for clean vegetables and proteins.

Let’s break that down…


What to eat on Whole30 Meal Plan


What You Can Eat?

Here’s the list of what you can include in your Whole30 weight loss programm.

  • Yes to a burger, no to a bun.
  • Your options are limitless.
  • One apple a day keeps the doctor away and your sweet tooth at bay.
  • Plenty of Chicken Sausage.
  • Avocados every single day.
  • You can even eat the canned stuff.

Oh, I forgot to mention black coffee! There’re also a few ridiculously good store-bought foods like clarified butter and coconut aminos that are Whole30 approved and make this plan a little bit easier.


What You Can’t Eat

  • No diary guys. Avoid eating dairy stuffs like Cheese.
  • No smoking. I mean weed too.
  • No grains. It’s time for you guys to empty your jar of quinoa.
  • Bo booze. Make dry January great again!
  • No sugar or artificial or natural sweeteners. Not even sweet syrup.
  • No legumes or beans. Avoid peanut butter and chickpeas.
  • No processed additives. Sulfites, Carrageenan, MSG.
  • No false treats with Whole30-approved ingredients. Paleo pancakes and cauliflower crust pizza are off-limits.

This Whole30 meal plan rule is all about a healthier relationship with your food, and I personally think it actually works.


The Benefits of Whole30 That Make It worth It


Whole30 Meal Plan Benefits


After reading the above section, you might be thinking of running away. But wait!! There’s good reason those foods are off-limits.

Although I can’t guarantee everything on the following list is going to happen to you, but yes these are the most common benefits people experienced while on and after the Whole30.

  • It may improve your health conditions. Headaches now only happen when you’re hungover.
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved sleep. You had the energy to wake up for said run.
  • Your skin will become clean and clear. No more teen acne in your 30s.
  • Digestive problem resolved.
  • More effective workouts. You won’t stop to walk at mile 2 during a 4-mile run.
  • Energy levels are higher.
  • An entirely new list of tasty recipes. It’s really good.
  • Transformed taste buds.
  • Whole30 help you discover what foods make you feel like crap. This is different for everyone and something that I noticed once processed foods were added back into the diet on day 31; for some it’s cheese; for others, it’s the bread.


Why People think Whole30 is Not a Typical Diet

The answer is very simple. You’re not tracking calories, you won’t be eating based on a points system and most important you won’t feel hungry.

No doubt, you’re going to miss your morning doughnuts, but this isn’t like any weight loss diet plan you might be used to.

The co-founder of Whole30, Melissa Hartwigt really doesn’t like calling the Whole30 a “diet” at all.


According to her,

Most diets are spent white-knuckling your way through deprivation, restriction, hunger, tuning out your body’s signals, and obsessing over tracking and weighing your food.

Hartwigt doesn’t think that kind of behavior if justifiable, and if you’ve ever tried dieting, you probably agree.

Also, weight loss isn’t the only focus. Even you’re not supposed to consider yourself, expect for on days 1 ad 30.

Why 30 Days?

Why not 27 or 43?


Hartwig says,

Thirty days is a good compromise. It takes 66 days for a habit to stick, but if we told someone to do this plan for that long, it’d be pretty intimidating.

This time is long enough to get noticeable results.


Whole30 Meal Plan: Rules to Follow


Whole30 Meal Plan Rules


Guys, no cheating! Melissa Hartwigt, the co-founder of Whole30 emphasizes the importance of sticking to this plan with zero slip-ups, so it’s quite essential to give your body the complete break it deserves.

If life happens and a piece of bread and a glass of wine gets in the way, Hartwig recommends starting over. She wants you to feel all the advantages of the entire 30-day Whole30 Meal Plan.

Here’re some formal and informal rules people should follow to get them through the program.

#1. No Fake Treats

This one was hard to knowledge, so it deserves some explanation.

If a Paleo pancakes calls for nothing but Whole30-approved ingredients such as bananas and eggs, the flapjack is still off-limits.

The Whole30 wants you to change your emotional relationships and your habits with food.

According to Hartwig,

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between an almond flour brownie and your mom’s recipe; it just knows you crave sugar. So if you keep eating those sweets during the 30 days, your habits aren’t changing.

#2. Celebrate With Coffee

When you start your Whole30 meal plan, you can’t drink alcohol, but you can turn your happy hour into a midday coffee date.

You can drink black coffee with a splash of unsweetened carrageenan-free milk.

#3. Don’t make it complicated

In this Whole30 Meal Plan you’ll be exposed to a ton of new, delicious recipes. Start simple if you know you’re not the cooking type.

Grab some veggies, eggs, avocado & sausage and after that scramble your breakfast instead of making the fancy egg-bake in a cast-iron pan.

Top it with hot sauce, and you’ll have yourself a solid meal in just 7 minutes.

Make that for breakfast 5 times a week as making similar meals over and over again is much easier than trying to whip up complicated ones.

#4. Read the Whole30 book

The Whole30 book is one of the best thing to read while you’re visiting your in-laws. It’s really helpful and it’ll get you motivated.

Want more Whole30 Meal Plan recipes? Hartwig’s latest Whole30 Cookbook contain all the details and its recipes are baller.

#5. Always make leftovers

For lunch and dinner, make extra meals so that you can have leftovers.

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing your meals are already cooked and ready to go for the day. So what is to wait for? Pat yourself on the back and have a party.

All in all I must say that your only job is to stick to the Whole30 rules for 30 days, and some days, you’ll have to let good enough.

Whenever it feels that you’re doing struggle, remember why you took on the program in the first place, and don’t be dazed by the big picture – just focus on the next day, or the next meal.

And that’s it folks! Happy eating!!


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