Where to Buy PhenQ – Amazon, GNC, Walmart or Official Website?

PhenQ amazon

Can I Buy PhenQ In Stores Like Amazon, GNC or Walmart?



Product Name: PhenQ

User rating: 9.1 out of 10.0

Manufacturer: Wolfson Berg Limited

Official website: http://phenq.com

Amazon : Not Available

GNC : Not Available 


We all know that weight loss supplements and other dietary supplements, in general, are easily available at Amazon, GNC, and Walmart. But, PhenQ is not available at these stores.

Yes, that’s true! In order to maintain the standards and quality of the product, the manufacturer does not allow any other online shopping websites to sell their product.

If you see this fat burner pills somewhere else in online stores or retail shops, it is either a fake supplement or someone is trying to scam you.

PhenQ is only available at Its Official website phenq.com with 60 –Days Money Back Guarantee and FREE delivery!

There is also an additional benefit that you can rest assured that you will receive 100% original product. You will not get any duplicate or counterfeit products.

So, the fact is that you can only purchase PhenQ at the official manufacturer for a couple of reasons mentioned here…


Reasons Why We Recommend Buying PhenQ From Official Website!

#1: No Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer DO NOT offer a money back guarantee for such products bought from Amazon or GNC, so you won’t be getting any refund.

On the other hand, the manufacturer of this dietary supplement provides fantastic 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

#2: PhenQ vs. All The Fakes Diet Pills

Another problem you will encounter when buying PhenQ diet pills from third-party sellers other that Official Site is when you do a search you’ll get hundreds of “Phen” related products that have nothing to do with the genuine weight loss product.

Many of these “Phen” alike replicas supplied from Asia and other parts of the world. They have nothing to do with the real deal, and its low-grade ingredients cannot be compared to the ones you will find in PhenQ diet pills.

#3: Other Benefits of Buying the Product from the Official Website

The manufacturer of this weight loss pill provides a product which we have yet to see any other supplement brand offer this unique option.



Now, let’s get to know what makes PhenQ so great or why this fat burner pill is the king of weight loss industry.

PhenQ is just not Only a Pill; it’s a Miracle for Weight Loss!

It is an ultimate new slimming formula containing several weight loss ingredients to help you get a slim and sexy body you’ve always wanted.

PhenQ is a vibrant weight loss pills for all those who have been fed up with their obese figure and are willing to lose weight in a natural way.

Do You Know?

There are so many people who are not losing weight despite having a low-calorie diet and regular exercise. For all of those this unique fat burner pills for men and women is a miracle.

PhenQ amazon

The pill consists of amazing natural ingredients that can help you to take your diet to the next level and ultimately lose your desired weight.

 PhenQ makes it possible to lose up to 2 to 5 pounds weight per(every) week. 

PhenQ diet pills have been the best-selling as an effective weight loss supplement for over years. So, why to think about any other weight loss options for you.

Let’s explore why PhenQ Amazon is the best answer you’re looking for:

  • What is PhenQ?
  • PhenQ Ingredients
  • How PhenQ works? 
  • PhenQ Benefits 
  • PhenQ Reviews Amazon 
  • How to use PhenQ 
  • Is PhenQ safe?
  • Last Verdict 


What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a dietary supplement manufactured by Bauer Nutrition.PhenQ new bottle

This fat burner pill is a phentermine alternative which consists of 7 high quality and fully natural ingredients and is being used as a reliable fat burner, fat blocker & appetite suppressant.

It has been scientifically proved in labs that PhenQ is a best weight loss product that is made of safe substances and doesn’t have any kind of adverse side effects.

It is really a great pharmacy grade supplement.

And you know the best part?

Unlike Phentermine medications, PhenQ fat burner pills don’t require a doctor’s prescription and this is because the supplement is formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

 This formula is GMP & FDA approved and thus are bound to deliver effective results.    

Moreover, the product works from a number of angles in order to provide a hassle free weight loss.

It provides weight loss solution in the following ways:

  • Burns stored fat in the body
  • Boosts energy level by increasing your metabolic rate
  • Prevents additional fat from being created in your body
  • Enhances overall mood

PhenQ combines the effects of several dietary supplements in just a single pill that will surely help you shed pounds and reveal your hidden dream body.


What Can I Expect from PhenQ?

  • Get a slim and sexy body
  • Feeling less hungry
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Tighter abs and slim figure

If you have managed to use PhenQ diet supplement as per the manufacturer’s dosage direction, then you can simply expect this fat burner pills to help you lose a considerable amount of weight in a matter of weeks.

With 2-3 weeks of usage, you’re more likely to see the aftermentioned PhenQ results.

Besides, you can expect this weight loss pill to work in a natural way without causing any adverse effect to your health.

However, it’s very important that you precisely follow the recommendation and avoid skipping and overdosing the supplement for the utmost and finest results.

official phenq


PhenQ Ingredients & Working Mechanism

The main and significant ingredient found in this fat burner pill is α-Lacys Reset® which makes it better than other dietary supplements.

The α-Lacys Reset® formula is itself a combination of two great ingredients called Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Cysteine.

Working Mechanism: It boosts your digestive power and increases your body metabolism which helps in burning more calories.

As you know, low metabolism is a big reason behind weight gain. This is a great feature of this unique slimming product.

Any pills or supplements are cannonballs, not the cannons themselves.

Outcomes of Boosted Metabolism

  • You start taking less amount of food
  • Fat consumption slows down
  • The body burns more calories
  • You feel Energetic

Complementary Ingredients of PhenQ

Ingredients In PhenQ


Along with α-Lacys Reset®, PhenQ contains the following ingredients that help you in getting a slim and sexy figure:

  • Capsimax Powder – It is a combination of natural fat burners and vitamin B3. It increases body heat and starts aiding weight loss. It promotes your weight loss significantly.
  • Calcium Carbonate It is a natural ingredient that forces body cells to generate and supply less amount of fat in the body.
  • Chromium Picolinate Basically it is a natural mineral that removes craving origins from the body and suppresses appetite. After that you will feel satisfied even after taking less food and finally less amount of fat will be generated in the body.
  • Caffeine – It is a great and effective energy booster. This piece of natural ingredient fill you up with more energy and make you more active throughout the day. It allows you to experience an active lifestyle.
An additional benefit of caffeine: It also reduces your hunger attitude without adding more calories to your daily diet. It reduces around 200-300 calories per day and also saves your money which you spend on drinking coffee. Because when you take this dietary supplement, you won’t need to drink coffee anymore.
  • Nopal It is a cactus which is used in traditional Mexican cuisine. It is full of amino acids and rich fiber that nurture your body with significant nutrients. Nopal is also beneficial for the diabetic patient, as it reduces cholesterol level in blood.
  • L-carnitine Furmarate  It is an amino acid that is derived from red meat, nuts, and vegetables. This piece of the ingredient is allowed to perform the natural fat burning process as well as it allows you will intake fewer amount of calories throughout your daily routine by suppressing your cravings.


What Actually PhenQ Does?

phenq-reviews-PhenQ amazon

PhenQ works quickly and makes you able to lose the excess weight you have gained.

The product has the special formula that accelerates the body metabolism and boosts up your thermogenesis process in order to burn the extra fats from your body.

PhenQ basically works by targeting 5 different areas of weight loss.

Take a look…

Appetite Suppression – Consuming too many calories are one of the most common reasons for gaining weight. This supplement has the ability to cut the number of calories by reducing your appetite which affects your hunger cravings. In this way, it helps people eat less without having to endure stomach cramps.

Fat Burning – The Thermogenic properties in PhenQ allows the body to speed up the metabolic rate. It increases body temperature for a certain amount of time. Because of this, the majority of the stored fat in your body will melt away.

Blocks the Fat Production – It influences the cells that release fat and it inhibits the production of new fat.

Enhance Mood – As soon as the level of calories begins decreasing; usually, it will make a person nervous and cranky. This formula improves the mood to make people feel better and also helps on their path to losing weight!

Boost Energy – Because of appetite suppression the energy level goes down. This lost energy gets boosted thanks to the amazing ingredients of PhenQ and its formula.

Do you know how metabolism works to reduce your body fat?

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns stored calories. Once the metabolism process is boosted up, your body starts burning more calories. In return, you get your dream body and weight.


PhenQ Benefits – The Power of Pills

  • Offers effective weight loss results than any other weight loss supplement
  • Very worthy and effective in fat burning
  • Suppress your cravings in order to eat less and intake fewer calories to avoid weight gain
  • It blocks the fat production in order to lose your weight
  • Boosts your energy level to make you feel active and energetic throughout the day
  • Its clinically proven formula guarantees for no harmful effects
  • Free shipping facility when you order from the manufacturer
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied


PhenQ Reviews Amazon

PhenQ Amazon Reviews

Did you know that Amazon.com – the world’s biggest e-commercial website is filled with a massive amount of fake reviews?

Well, this is the part where people might get shocked by it.

YES, Of course, every fake reviewer has his/her own reasons to increase the number of stars on the product. This is what they start writing fake reviews giving their product 5 stars.

Also, there’re some who want to ruin the standard of the product and so they rate their targeted product one star with negative thoughts and experiences.

Check out PhenQ reviews [shared by real users] from its customers to see what they have to say about this product.

On the other hand, PhenQ itself has a great number of fake reviews all over the Internet with stolen PhenQ before and after pictures giving the misconception to people that these are the real results of this weight loss product.

Some even start a complete negative evaluation for the sake of promoting other weight loss supplements over PhenQ pills.

Here the bottom line is: You can’t buy PhenQ from Amazon. If you have decided to search google for the term “PhenQ Reviews Amazon” or “PhenQ Amazon”, you’ll get counterfeit or fake products being sold by third-party retailers.

The only place to buy the original PhenQ is from its Official Website and none!


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How To Take PhenQ Pills?

It is said that before taking any drug, the prescription is necessary but in the case of PhenQ diet pills it is not so required.

This fat loss product is completely safe and secure & can be taken without prescription also.

If you need any help or are afraid to use it then you may consult your doctor before taking the pill.

You have to take pills thrice in a day for the better result although you may take twice also if you are less obese.

With the PhenQ bottles, you will get a complete prescription about how to and when you have to take this pill.

The doses chart is prepared according to body BMI.

Additionally, if you keep some points in your mind you will be more benefited. It will help you in losing 3 times more fat.

  • Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before and after taking a meal
  • Sleep at the same time daily (before 23 p.m. if possible) and for at least 8 hours
  • Reduce 80% of fast food and soda drinks from your daily diet

No doubt, even if you will not follow the above-given advice you will be able to lose weight with this dietary supplement but if you follow it fat burning process will become fast.

official phenq


Is it safe to Take PhenQ?

As far as the safety of this revolutionary weight loss pill is concerned, the product is tested in the lab and clinically proven and as well as approved by the FDA.

It is also proved that each ingredient is so effective in weight loss.

However, while using this product you have to keep few things in your mind to avoid any risk.

You Should Avoid Taking PhenQ If You Meet The Below Given Criteria:

  • If your age is under 16
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Not recommended for people with medical issues 

Those who do not like caffeine might experience a bad taste from it.


PhenQ Side Effects

It is the universal truth that everything has its properties both good and bad. But the better product has almost negligible side effects.

You will find the same here. The PhenQ diet pills are fully natural and have no side effects on your health.

It is not only proven by clinical tests but also its users have also confirmed that it does have any major side effects.


Last Verdict

buy phenq


In the end, we conclude this article by 100% recommendation from our side. If you ever dreamed of the well-shaped and attractive body then you must have to go for this product.

Besides, weight reduction this product helps you to gain muscles mass. With a little workout, you can gain exactly the dreamed body.

We are serving this product to a number of users daily.

This fat loss product is enriched with such ingredients which are best ever known for bodybuilding and weight reduction.

So, now you don’t have any reason not to buy this product. Go, grab it and use it for effective results.

PhenQ Price

1 Bottle $79.95 $69.95

2 Bottles $239.85 $139.90

For a good start to boost up the weight loss, we recommend going for the 90-day package which can save you up to $209 that’s a lot of saving.

Additional Benefits When You Buy From Official Website

  • Full 60-Day Money Back is Guaranteed
  • Free & Fast Worldwide Shipping
  • Huge Multi-Buy Savings

So, what is the wait for? Go ahead and try this advance slimming formula, there is no doubt that this supplement is a wonderful fat-burning product.

It meets the whole set of standards and provides a lot of benefits. But…we highly recommend that you buy the product from the official website, It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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