The Former Glamour Model Katie Price Shows Off Her Stunning Weight Loss

Katie Price Weight Loss

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Katrina Price, the British Celeb has taken on the internet with her stunning weight loss. Well, everyone seems to be talking about Katie Price Weight Loss. So, we’ve taken a sneak peek in her slimming journey.

Recently, spiraling debts and financial woes declared her bankrupt. That’s why people are speculating it as the reason behind Katie Price Weight Loss.

The Stress Outbreak made her lose almost one stone and she has grabbed a perfectly carved figure but fans are worried about her health.


Katie Price Looked Slimmer on Her Thailand Trip

Katie Price Thailand Look

Reports state the Former Glamour Model, has lost almost one stone weight as a result of the stress after getting declared bankrupt.

On her Thailand Trip, she looked completely relaxed, the mother of five, also stretched out her physique while she napped in the mild sun rays.

The Celebrity was having fun with the sunshine falling over her while admiring the superb scene over the balcony. After her weight loss, she looked slender and leaner in her pants.

Kieran Hayler her ex-husband boasts,

I’m becoming the best parent” after banning the children from Katie Price’s holiday.
Katie Price Weight Loss Drinks are quite much in trend. Even when she sunbathed, she kept her hydrated with lots of drinks and shakes in the heat of the day. However, she appeared very gloomy as she remained in the sun all alone.

The reality show star was able to take her eldest son Harvey only with her boyfriend. Well, she also moaned about Harvey’s loud snoring troubling her sleep in Thailand.

Sources told ‘The Sun Online’ about the worrying Katie Price Weight Loss and Liquid diet was an outcome of the stressful situation.

Also, the Insider said:

Katie’s shredded around a stone in just two weeks, that’s quite disturbing. She’s rushing around all over the place and is really stressed out. She hasn’t cooked a proper meal in weeks and is practically on a liquid diet.

Further, the source also accused Katie’s dramatic weight loss as a result of her being declared bankrupt.


Katie Price Backlashed on Instagram for Plugging Weight Loss Drink after Full Body Surgery

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A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

Once again, the reality show stars have been criticized furiously for promoting a weight loss drink for her stunning physique. The fans claim to her physique to be a result of several surgeries she underwent.

Looking at the history of the 41-year-old star, cosmetic surgery hasn’t been strange to her ever. Well, she has been continuous to operations including face-lift, bum lift breast reduction, and liposuction.

Simply, this is what getting her a more contoured, muscular appearance after the full-body lift. So, when she took to Instagram to declare weight loss shot drink the secret behind her sculpted body, her skeptical fans went furious.

Katie Price Weight Loss Juice Diet

Katie Price Weight Loss Drink

In a short video she posted on Instagram, Katie read off the stuff written of the weight loss drink claiming to get you stunning results in just a week.

Also, she poured the powder into a tumbler and mixes with water and explained you have to drink it thrice a day.

Further, she stated, she likes to take it as shots, however only handles to have as a sip and leave the leftover.

Fans Backlash over Katie Price Weight Loss Drink

“Why are you on a diet after multiple surgeries,” asked one.

“YOU HAVE HAD SURGERY” fumed another.

“If the weight loss drinks have done the trick why did you get surgery lifts and tucks?” demanded a third.

Well, she posed in a sports attire and jogger, making an illusion as her body was the result of her daily workouts.

Genuinely, Price underwent a Brazilian bum lift in last May. Afterward, this was reversed as she felt it was too big and made her appear plumb.

Post her surgery spree, last summer, her scars became infected. Eventually, this led to pus-filled wounds and dreaded her ear would fall off as a result of deep incision made while her face-lift.

Well, she is one of the stars who is never shy away from a paid promotion.

Katie also angered fans with her recent attribution for a celebrity holiday service on Instagram.

During her holiday, she posted a snap of hers on Instagram with a plugging caption:

Thank you to @celebrityglobaluk for organizing my trip to Thailand and my stopover at @celes_beachfront! I can’t wait to get back ASAP and take the kids they will love it! Check them out, guys.

Doubtful fans pondered—why on the planet earth they follow a person for a service only accessible to celebrities when they were just mere humans.

One asked: “Why would we do that if we aren’t celebrities? Just regular people…”

Another added: “What’s the point in asking your noncelebrity, non-influencing followers to like a page that gives free holidays to celebs???”

A third wrote: “Great idea but I’m just a humble average joe ‘hoy poloy’ why would I need or want to follow a celebrity concierge️ #notinthefreegang.”


Post Katie Price Weight Loss, She Wears Kids Clothes

After a drastic weight loss, Katie declares to wearing Kid’s clothes from her own children’s range.

Also, she took to Instagram to share a pic of her wearing an eloquent top form her clothing lining for children. Well, the dress was self-designed by the ex-glamour model.

However, the secret came into account when one of her followers asked about her outfit. Then, she revealed getting it from her own kids’ range fitting to a 14-year-old.


Katie Price Weight Loss Shakes

Katie Price With shakes

How Did Katie Price Lose Weight? Well, this a question popping up in everyone’s mind and the secret lies in the shakes she drinks.

Actually, she discussed her dramatic weight loss in an interview. There she revealed the credit to a weight loss shake called Boom Bod. Surprisingly, the weight loss product has been promoted by Lauren Goodger and Dancing On Ice star, Gemma Collins.

Katie reportedly pledged to drop two stone weight as a part of her New Year’s Resolution post her rehab. Now, it probably seems like she has acquired her goal and she can fit into the clothes of children.

Katie has been promoting the children’s clothing brand on Instagram by sharing adorable snaps and videos of her children modeling the range.

Well, the mum of five has named the range on the name of her kids. So, the girls’ brand is Princess& Bunny. On the other hand, the boys’ one is called Junior & Jett. The range is soon going to hit the market.

Katie and her separated husband Kieran have two kids together – Jett, their five-year-old son, and Bunny, their four-year-old daughter.

According to reports, Kieran is quite furious about the images. He thinks Katie should have given priority to her valgur pics were released.

A source reported to ‘The Sun Online’: “Katie flew straight back from Thailand into a row with Kieran.

She’s 41 this year and while he understands she can do what she wants, but he’s begged her to think of everyone else and how it affects them.

At last, Katie Price Weight Loss is nothing about diet and drinks. We can see the heaped-up stress due to bankruptcy and personal life has pushed her on the verge of constant weight loss.


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