How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting: The Beginner’s Guide

Intermittent Fasting for weight loss

Want to know all about intermittent fasting: Is it right for you?

Here’s a simple explanation for Beginners…

As interest grows in intermittent fasting, so do the question about how can intermittent fasting help you lose weight!

If you are here, then the chances are you’ve heard of intermittent fasting, the popular diet plan for those who are looking to lose weight but don’t want to change their eating habits.

This blog is basically for beginners that deals with the details of intermittent fasting and why it is the greatest weight loss diet hack around.

After reading it you’ll be able to implement this diet plan into your lifestyle and experience the benefits it offers almost immediately.

So without further ado, let’s start with the introduction part first…

Beginners Introduction

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet that’s rapidly growing popularity and becoming the easiest way to lose weight.

Last month alone there were approx. 246,000 searches for the phrase ‘intermittent fasting weight loss plan’ on Google alone. This search volume shows how popular this diet plan has become worldwide.

Nutrition experts and scientists like it too and are saying, “In the near future, it’ll be the best way for keeping weight off and losing weight”.  Apart from that, new books and articles on this topic are being published daily including some best-selling books.

Intermittent fasting is also getting popular day by day with groups of the Paleo diet since our ancestors appear to have eaten this way for thousands of years.

In a research we found that, lot of people have been following this type of diet for 2 years which helped them lose and keep off 70 pounds without ever having to count calories, carbohydrates, or eat 6-7 meals a day.




What Is Intermittent Fasting?

As the name suggest, intermittent fasting is a diet plan where you keep fast for a set period of time during the day. This is typically done between 16-20 consecutive hours.  You eat during the other 4-8 hours of the day.

While fasting you can drink and eat calorie-free or low calorie foods like water, tea, coffee and vegetables.

The more time you spend fasting every day, the better your weight loss results. You can keep these fasts as often as you like. Again, the more often you do so, the better your results will be.

Getting Started With Intermittent Fasting

Following this diet plan is super easy. All you need to do is pick up a time slot during the day that you will fast. This period of time should be between 16-20 hours. The longer you fast each day, the better you feel the difference.

Don’t worry about counting carbohydrate and calories. Just focus on going about your day until it’s time to eat.

To conduct your fast in a proper way, it’s best to choose a set period of time. Most of the people like to fast 8 O’clock at night to 4 the following afternoon.

After that they have their first meal of the day and a snack or two a few hours later.

Once 8 O’clock rolls around, it’s back to fasting.

People experiencing with intermittent fast finds that it’s best to start with a 16 hours fast for the first 1-2 weeks.

Once you get comfortable with this schedule, you can increase the amount of time you spend fasting. Do this by adding 30 minutes to each fast until and unless you get to where you are fasting for 20 hours at a time.

You don’t have to keep fast every day in the beginning either. You may be more relaxed breaking in slowly with 2 – 3 fasts a week at first. Furthermore, you can also add additional days of intermittent fasting as you become more comfortable with this style of eating.

Now moving forward to some easy tips to make this diet plan cooler for you…

Guidelines For Beginners to Make Intermittent Fasting Easier


Make Intermittent Fasting Easier



You’ll want to drink plenty of water during your fast. Squeeze lime juice or little lemon into your water to help eliminate any cravings you experience. In addition, you can also drink tea, coffee or other calorie free beverages. After few weeks you’ll find that intermittent fasting keeps you away from craving sugar during the whole period.


In case you handle the fast, take in a little caffeine in the morning and early afternoon. The tea and caffeine found in coffee may essentially make intermittent fasting a bit easy to fast since it’s good for suppressing your appetite. Be careful! Do not overeat as this may lead you feeling a little too wired. We recommend these natural energy boosting tips to keep you going during the day.


Skip artificially flavored juices, drinks and one type of calorie free drink that should be dodged such as diet juices (hot drinks, cold drinks) and other beverages that use artificial sweeteners like Sweet & Low and Splenda. A number of studies show that this can actually stimulate your appetite like a drink that contain and cause you to overeat.


Don’t gap at your first meal. The first meal after completing your fast should be the amount of food you normally eat. Overindulging will only make you feel awful and lessen the benefits you get from the fast.


Reduce foods rich in processed sugars and carbohydrates. When intermittent fasting does make it possible to eat a little than normal, you should still eat a little pasta, bread, rice, etc. as possible. Focus on your diet plan instead on eating protein from carbohydrates, beef, fish, sweet potatoes, fruits and healthy fats from foods like olive oil, avocados and fish.

Now here comes the million dollar question you have been waiting for…

How Intermittent Fasting Will Help You Lose Weight?

With regards to weight loss eating this way has many benefits. The very first thing is that when you’re fasting, your body will be forced to use its stored body fat for energy. Instead of from the food you’re eating throughout the day, Burning calories this way will help you not only lose weight but weight from any excess body fat you’re carrying.

This means that you won’t just be slim and gleam but will also look much healthier if you lose weight the old-dated way.

Intermittent fasting can help optimize the release of the key fat burning hormones in your body. This is very true for the two most important hormones – Insulin and human growth hormones (HGH).

Human growth hormones plays a crucial role in turning on your body’s fat burning furnace so it gets the calories you need to work from stored body fat.

Researches show that fasting can boost your body’s production of growth hormone by 2,000% in men and 1,300% in women!

The influence intermitted fasting has on insulin is just awesome. Keeping your insulin levels low and steady is key to weight loss and keeping it off. Diets that are rich in simple sugars and processed carbohydrates have the opposite effect.

It causes your insulin level to rapidly spine and then crash every time you eat one of those foods. The final result of this portent is that your body will store more of what you eat as excess body fat instead of burning it off as energy.

Another weight loss advantage of intermitted fasting is that it reduces your cravings and hunger pangs that may normally outbreak you throughout the day, if not completely eliminated.

Now that you know what intermittent fasting is and how to follow it to lose weight, it’s time to answer your other question.

Below is the answer to the frequently asked question about intermittent fasting. The answer provided should help you to make getting this diet plan started a lot easier.

How much weight will you lose?

Well, the amount of weight you will lose with fasting is determined by how often and how long your fasts are. Fasting for about 16-20 hours a day can help you safely lose 2-3 pounds of fat every week.

Waooo! Every week is great while losing this much weight. It’s how it makes it happen and that’s really cool. Losing weight with intermittent fasting means that you will never have to count calories and prepare several meals a day.


There’re a lot of people getting results with intermittent fasting. That being said, they are happy with their health and see better improvements. This diet plan is something that you need to do, it’s just another tool in the toolbox that can be useful for many people.

Intermittent fasting is actually very beneficial for both men and women, and it may also be a good choice for people who want to lose weight without changing their eating habits. If you finally decide to try this out, then keep in mind that you need to eat a healthy diet as well.

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