All You Need To Know About Illegal Fat Burners & their Side Effects

All You Need To Know About Illegal Fat Burners & their Side Effects

We all cannot deny from the fact that illegal fat burners were once highly popular and extensively used by people because of their great fat burning effects.

Still, in many countries, they got banned by the recommendation of selected government bodies associated with food and drug safety such as FDA & FSA.

Surprisingly, if they worked, why they got banned?

Well, this is the sole concern of writing this blog.

The truth why actually these illegal Fat Burners were banned is a bit lower…. in this blog.

And you can rely on them solely…

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So, Why Illegal Fat Burners Were Banned?

The reason why these fat burners were completely banned is that they brought serious and dodgy side effects with them.

Some of the harmful ingredients contained in these products are DNP, Ephedrine and Clenbuterol.

These combinations are potentially dangerous for you!

Here are some general info for those who are not acquainted with Ingredients like…. Ephedrine, DNP & Clenbuterol.

  • Ephedrine: Ephedrine is a drug and stimulant derived from derived from Chinese herb called Ephedra. Use of this ingredient in fat burners was banned by drug and Food Administration and the products were removed from the market in the year 2004 (April). The foremost concern behind the prohibition was safety. The US drug agency had recorded 80 demises and 1400 complaints.

Illegal Fat Burners

  • DNP (2, 4-Dinitrophenol): DNP fat burners are made of industrial chemicals that is considered to have acute toxicity. Critical oral exposure to DNP has resulted in increased metabolic rate, nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, headache, and loss of weight. The FDA banned it from market as it was reported to cause cataract in human beings. A large number of death was linked to the use of this chemical contained ingredient.

Illegal Fat Burners

  • Clenbuterol: It is a powerful thermo-genic steroid like chemical having developed to improve respiratory problems like asthma. Most people started using it to burn fat and boost lean muscle mass in the body. In most countries, illegal fat burner Clenbuterol was also banned for human consumption. It is also prohibited for use in cattle’s which are later slaughtered for food. The ban was the result of the dangerous side effects it caused in humans. It has been responsible for lots of poisoning cases in its users.

Illegal Fat Burners



Are Illegal Fat Burners Still Available?

It is a sad truth that…these potentially dangerous products are still available in the market.

And unfortunately, some of us are hooked to its continued use even after they are banned.

There exists some online stores and shopping websites that have continued selling these illegal fat burners.

Moreover, some bodybuilding websites also promote Clenbuterol to show its lean muscle mass and fat burning benefits.

You may be tempted using them so as to check what they can do for you.

But remember, the use of these illegal fat burners can cause unnecessary and dangerous side effects that can even lead to sudden death.


Side effects of illegal fat burners

  • Insomnia: Illegal fat burners that are made on Ephedrine delvers a stimulating effect on the body. They improve your physique and mental focus therefore boosting your workout intensity. Still, the produced level of energy can make it hard for you to sleep, resulting in Insomnia.

Illegal Fat Burners

  • Addiction: The triggering effect of Illegal fat burners often lead to addiction. Usually, the period of high energy level is followed by an equally low energy point. Your metabolic rate may slow down. Also, in case you have stopped yourself taking the pills, you regain the lost weight. So, these factors intimate people to take these pills rarely that leads to addiction.

Illegal Fat Burners

  • Psychosis: It is a severe mental disorder which is characterized loss of thoughts and emotions. Its two main symptoms are delusions and hallucinations. Different drugs may have different psychotic symptoms and, in many cases, after the drug’s effects wear off, the psychosis may disappear.

Illegal Fat Burners

  • Nervousness and Hand Tremors: Illegal fat burners generally contains banned elements and can lead to Nervous disorder. The reason for nervousness is your body’s increased fight with your deposited fat. Consequently, your body’s reaction to the ordinary situations will be as if they were dangerous and stressful.

Illegal Fat Burners

  • Heart Problems: Illegal fat burners frequently increase blood circulation to certain level. They can cause increased blood pressure and irregular heartbeats to the extent they can upsurge your risk of suffering heart beat or stroke. In fact these dangerous pills may even result in a coma or death.

Illegal Fat Burners


Other side effects that have been linked to these supplements include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Sweating
  • Flushed skin
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dry mouth

Now you know how injurious illegal fat burners are… for your health and body.


So, Should you risk buying these illegal fat burners?

Although these fat burners may result in quicker weight-loss in comparison to legal fat burners, but you shouldn’t dare spending money on them.

Because the dangerous and dodgy effects are far serous to be ignored. There are many legal counterparts available that don’t have any unsafe ingredients present.

This major difference between these legal counterparts and illegal fat burners is the unique blend of ingredients which help you destroy your fat while preserving lean body mass.

Also, they are all designed and manufactured by the creditable companies.

These products when combined with sound diet, cardiovascular activity and training will help you lose huge weight in the safest way possible.

Using these legal supplements you will get a feel of what today’s fat burners are all about.

So what are the Legal Fat Burners of 2017?

If you have gone through these post, you must have understood what illegal fat burners are, and how you can be sure to purchase the right one.

So, Use the money you were going to use on a fat burner that is legal plus can do no harm to your health.


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