10 Food Pairs That Can Speed Up Your Weight Loss [With Pictures]

Carb Pairing For Weight Loss

Food Combining Diet Plan – The Secret To Healthy Eating!

The absolutely new trend among the Fitness Freaks is the Combining Food. Well, weight loss is never gonna out of the social trends. People keep on trying various tips and tricks, which they hear, see or read online!

Well, some people switch their eating entirely to burn some fat. Others modify the amount of the eatables they intake to slim down.

However, followers of the Food Combining Diet alter the way how they eat to receive the best results on the scale. According to the diet’s guidelines, you are allowed to have specific food combinations and forbid others.

I know you’re kind of excited for Food Combining Weight Loss Success Stories. Well, first of all, I would be sharing what this diet plan exactly is. Further, I would also share List of Food Combinations to Lose Weight

So let’s get started…


What Is Food Combining Diet?

The diet plan is simply the combination of the food items that improve body functions. It divides foods into three categories acid, alkaline, and neutral.

Acid foods (meat, and other protein-rich foods) and alkaline foods (carbs and starchy foods) should never to be mixed.

Mixing such food items restrict the function of digestive system. So, well-planned food combinations are presented in the diet plan which aids your weight loss with caring your digestion.

So, here I am sharing List of Food Combinations to Lose Weight. Read the Food Combining Menus and get the max benefits from it!


10 Food Combining Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Well, these are the combination of some food items; you can consume to have a kickass start to your weight loss program.

Here, it goes!


#1: Sprouted Grain Bread + Avocado + Cayenne Pepper

Avocado food combining diet

Avocado toast isn’t just looking trendy on Instagram; it’s famous for its nutrition and fat-burning properties. Sprouted grain bread, like Ezekiel bread, has lots of fiber, which make you feel satisfied and crushes hunger.

Topping up smashed avocado with cayenne pepper which has capsaicin an appetite suppressant, makes you fuller for a long time.


#2: Green Tea + Lemon + Mint

Green tea and lemon

Green tea is particularly popular for slimming down and especially for burning belly fat. Moreover, it has a high amount of antioxidant ECGC which improves fat burning.

Squeeze single lemon in your green tea which has pectin and polyphenols proven to make you fuller and losing weight. Add some sprig of mint which signifies itself as a proven appetite suppressor.


#3: Dark Chocolate + Walnuts + Berries [Food Combining Diet]


Eating healthy probably doesn’t mean that you have to skip dessert in your meal. Actually, adding some dark chocolate could help you slim down, sounds chocolicious?

Moreover, it is full of antioxidants and popular for anti-inflammatory properties and further, prevents weight gain. Its antioxidants effects can be doubled up by pairing it with berries.

Meanwhile, adding some walnuts can balance polyunsaturated fats and improve metabolism.


#4: Water + Lemon + Cucumber [Food Combining Diet]

Water and Cucumber

Sipping Detox water is one of the easiest ways to get ‘weight loss’ on track. Flavored water doesn’t just taste good, but fills your stomach with extra metabolism-boosting nutrients.

So, add a few slices of cucumber which are high in vitamins C and K. Afterwards, squeeze in some lemon which acts as appetite suppressant adding those essential slimming polyphenols.

Hence, the drink gets fat-burning water additives as Weight Loss Foods.


#5: Oatmeal + Cinnamon + Blueberries

Oatmeal food combining diet

Grains are rich in higher fiber which can aid in both weight loss and digestion. You can start your day with a bowl of oatmeal which has a high quantity of insoluble fibers.

As a result, your hunger will be shut off and you will feel satisfied for longer. Furthermore, adding a handful of blueberries rich in antioxidants like polyphenols can directly act on the stubborn belly fat.

Well, you can top this meal with insulin controlling cinnamon which will melt your several pounds away. It’s one of the Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight in Stomach.


#6: Cottage Cheese + Almonds + Berries

Cottage Cheese Food Combining Diet

It’s one of the best Snack Combinations for Weight Loss. Skip your regular Casein protein powder and instead opt for cottage cheese, which has a high dairy derivative.

Further, it’s a slow-digesting protein which makes you fuller for a long time. Moreover, it betters you sleep as it has tryptophan an amino acid.

Besides that, pair it up with some berries rich in antioxidants, like strawberries or raspberries. You can also top up with a handful of almond to get the extra protein and some healthy fats.


#7: White Tea + Lemon + Ginger [Food Combining Diet]

Lemon Tea

White tea has similar weight loss property like Green Tea.

Evidently, it improves Metabolism and slows down further fat formation. Well, it’s also rich in antioxidant properties which assist fat burn faster.

Flavoring the tea with ginger adds its anti-inflammatory properties too. Adding lemon rich in pectin adds the perfect weight loss properties.


#8: Cauliflower + Avocado Oil + Quinoa

Cauliflower Food Combining Diet

Cauliflower, a Cruciferous vegetable, is a good source of fibers which keeps you fuller for longer and aids weight loss. Furthermore, it has thermogenic properties mean you’re gonna burn more calories with it.

You can Sautee the veggie in avocado oil which yields a pack of filling fiber and healthy fats as a complete meal. Adding quinoa in the meal would speed up your metabolism and fight stored fats.


#9: Potatoes + Pepper + Olive Oil

Potatoes Food Combining Diet

It’s a perfect Carb Pairing for Weight Loss meal.

Well, potatoes have got a bad reputation in the fitness world. Spuds have lots of potassium to help you end your belly bloat and hunger pangs. However, you need to be careful having it, bake them don’t deep fry.

Bake them in olive oil, and top up with pepper, which has piperine that can lower cholesterol levels.


#10: Chicken + Barley + Kale

Chicken and Barley

White meat chicken is a great source of lean protein. Moreover, it not only helps you boost muscle but make you fuller.

Pair chicken breast with few leafy greens of kale; you add also add some whole-grain barley for an extra stroke of filling fiber and some extra protein.

Well, these were the Food Combining Diet Plan for Weight Loss. Hopefully, you like the blog for. Don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comment box below!


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