Where to Buy PhenQ Diet Pill in Malaysia? Quick Guide!

phenq malasyia

PhenQ Malaysia: Buy the Best Fat Burner Pills – PhenQ in klang, Petaling Jaya, Semenyih & Johor Bahru Malaysia.

 PhenQ Malaysia

Where to Buy PhenQ the Ultimate Weight Loss Pill in Malaysia?

Although PhenQ is incredibly popular in Malaysia, but this diet supplement is neither available in any online shopping stores like Amazon, GNC, Walmart or neighborhood establishments around Malaysia.

If you find any websites claiming to sell it cheaper compared to the official website, don’t get deceived. It will surely be a counterfeit product.

PhenQ is only available online at its reliable official website Phenq.com with 60 Days Money Back Guarantee and WORLDWIDE shipping.  All orders are placed through it and this ensures safety as well as quality

We will strongly recommend you to get your bottle of PhenQ by placing an online order for it! It is a great fulfillment that we found this dietary supplement well deserving its name.

We specifically liked the transparency of the manufacturer (Bauer Nutrition) who developed this product building on their experience producing diet pills like Meratol and Proactol XS. 

In order to maintain the quality and standard of the product, the PhenQ manufacturer does not allow any other retail shops (GNC, Walmart, and Walgreens), shopping websites (eBay, Amazon, Lazada) or any other 3rd party merchant to sell their product.

However, if you see PhenQ somewhere else in these retail shops or in PhenQ Lazada, it is either a counterfeit product or someone is trying to scam you.

In addition, if you prefer to buy this fat burner pills from any e-commercial website instead of the reliable official website, then you’ll likely be ripped off.

Look below for the specifications added which will surely make you buy PhenQ from manufacturer’s site without any doubt.


Benefits of buying PhenQ online from Official Website

If you happen to buy it through the officials then you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Includes a 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Worldwide delivery(excluding shipping cost) on all orders of 2 or even more bottle
  • A small delivery charge of $9.98 is applied on all single bottle orders
  • You’ll have to pay $69.95 for one month supply of PhenQ
  • All orders of this fat loss supplement are processed safely using 2048-bit security and dispatched within 24-48 hrs.
  • Huge multi-buy packages
  • You’ll get genuine product science backed and clinically tested (GMP and FDA approved)

Considering the above-mentioned paybacks offered by the makers, none can deny the fact that it is an exceptional fat burning supplement.

PhenQ Price

Now let’s look at the cost price of this diet pills. Here you can save money by buying more than one bottle at the time:

  • 1 x PhenQ bottle: $69.95
  • 3 x PhenQ bottles: $139.90
  • 5 x PhenQ bottles: $189.95

So as you can see, by purchasing more than one bottle of PhenQ at a time you can save an incredible amount. In fact, buying 5 bottles you can have $209.80 in your hand.

People who have used this dietary supplement reported the best effects, with the highest rates of fat burning and most positive results, they getting after at least 30 days of using PhenQ.



Visit PhenQ Malaysia Official Website

phenq price-PhenQ Malaysia



Obesity is now a big problem in Malaysia!

Nearly half of the population in Malaysia are overweight or obese


PhenQ Malaysia


Malaysia, known as Asia’s fattest country, reported an increase in its obesity rate last year. The latest statistics shows that the obese and the overweight people make up nearly half of its 30 million population.

According to a survey, obese Malaysians make up 17.7% of the population while those who are categorized as overweight make up 30%.


PhenQ Malaysia

“The obesity prevalence have increased drastically from 4.4% in 1996 to 14% in 2007 in Malaysia”


Obesity in Malaysia has been increasingly cited as a major health issue in recent years and yet it is on the rise.

Obesity and overweight are growing health problems in Malaysia due to such lifestyle changes as decreased physical activity (PA), increased unhealthy eating habits and sedentary behavior.

This examined the patterns and levels of PA among overweight/obese and normal-weight adults and also to investigate the association between PA level and obesity/overweight in Malaysian adults.

Malaysia has the suspicious honor of having the highest obesity prevalence in Southeast Asia.

This was based on Economist Intelligence Unit’s “Tackling Obesity in Asian” report, which covered a number of countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.

According to the report, the prevalence of obesity was at 13.3%, while overweight was at 38.5%.

The Asia Roundtable on Food Innovation for Improved Nutrition secretariat Bruno Kistner, who recently presented a report, said last year, the condition had cost the country between RM4.26 billion and RM8.53 billion.

 That is equivalent to 10 to 19 per cent of Malaysia’s healthcare spending.

Because of obesity among females, Malaysia had the largest number of productive years, which was between 7 and 12 years, and the second highest among males at between 6 and 11 years.

The report states that only a third of Malaysian adults had ever exercised, while only 14% exercised adequately.

 There are factors like Malaysians’ love for food and their strong culture of entertaining guests with food that contributed to the obesity problem.

Dr Tee E. Siong – Nutrition Society of Malaysia’s President said, the emphasis on academic excellence had resulted in additional academic work and tuition hours among children, to the detriment of physical activities.

According to Dr Tee E. Siong –

More critically, Malaysians view obesity as a cosmetic issue rather than a health issue.

The reports showed that obesity rates varied depending on regional, ethnicity, economic and regional differences.

A majority of people in Malaysia found the advance slimming formula PhenQ helpful in losing their extra weight. This product is designed to give better results by incorporating multiple weight loss benefits.


The Big Concern: Is PhenQ the utmost weight loss pill in Malaysia? 

Diet supplements are available almost everywhere including in Malaysia. The one that do focuses on each and every element of weight loss is PhenQ!

While a number of other weight loss pills are also comprised of the same ingredients as of PhenQ.

Still PhenQ is unique!

Because this supplement consists of Bauer’s unique mix of medically tried and tested, pharmaceutical grade ingredients proven for weight loss.

Here are some undeniable benefits of PhenQ

  • Burns excess fat and calories
  • Blocks the production of new fat cells
  • Reduces hunger and suppresses appetite
  • Enhances your state of mind
  • High-quality formula made in FDA Approved facilities
  • Boosts energy levels

Moreover, using PhenQ you will be able to shed fat much faster, without the need to spend hrs. Running daily.


PhenQ Malaysia- A Powerful Formulation

PhenQ is a diet supplement developed by Bauer Nutrition and claim to deliver weight loss in five different ways.

The powerful ingredients are intended to offer great appetite suppression ability and other promises like fat burning and boosting metabolism, etc.

Exactly what are PhenQ Ingredients?

  • Alpha – lacys reset: This ingredient helps increase your muscle mass along with providing awesome weight loss benefits. It contains a combination of Cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid. Both these ingredients are metabolism boosters having a rich source of antioxidants.
  • Caffine: It is a natural energy booster. It increases alertness, focus, reduces fatigue, and suppresses appetite to raise your body temperature to burn more fat.
  • Capsimax Powder: It has solid fat burning and thermogenic properties due to which it is able to burn more calories naturally.
  • Chromium Picolinate: This component prevents craving for food, especially, sugar as well as sweet foods. It also maintains your normal metabolic rate and burn off all the excess fat and calories.
  • Calcium carbonate: Stops your body from producing fat and helps in combining body cells together. Therefore no accumulation
  • L-Carnitine: This stimulates fat burning and carries fatty acids to the cells of your body.
  • Nopal: It is abundant in fiber which reduces fluid content weight gain to your body and control hunger.


PhenQ Malaysia


This is a best mix of ingredients, users who have tried and tested PhenQ have never reported any incidence of negative side effects.

Their results have proven that all these natural ingredients of PhenQ are really capable of producing the significant level of results.

Are you wondering to know does PhenQ actually work? Let’s find out…


Does PhenQ Work?

YES, it works!

There’ve been extensive independent clinical trials conducted on PhenQ diet pills to fact check the claims they’re making out about their product. And the results are quite impressive.

A test was conducted on two groups, the first group was taking a placebo and the second group was taking PhenQ dietary supplement.

At the end of the test, people using PhenQ reported to lost a huge 7.24% of their body fat, increased muscle mass by 3.80%, and lost 3.44% of their body weight.

Astonishing results!

The outcome was really impressive for ones that were generated under strict scientific study.

As this weight loss pill has been around for quite some time now, it has countless PhenQ customer reviews from people all over the world.

After spending a lot of time researching those reviews, I evaluated them for bias and verified their authenticity.

Within all the reviews, I read there was a wide range of result in which some people only lose 3 or 4 pounds per month, while others were losing a huge 10 or 11 pounds per month.

These weight loss differences seemed to be based on diet, people who were basically eating the same thing as normal and didn’t do any workout lost the least weight, on the other hand who cut down the junk food and followed a strict diet plan lost a whole lot more.

So, now it’s time to discuss the next important factor which will help you decide if this is right fat loss pills for you.

Yes, you guessed it right!

Let’s move to the darker side of PhenQ, the side effects!

What are these, let’s get to know…


Are There Any Side Effects Of Using PhenQ?

The million dollar concern! 

As far as the safety of PhenQ is concerned, the product has been certified by FDA and GMP and is regarded as a safe and reliable solution. Here is a detailed review of PhenQ side effects do check it out for more information.

Also, there have been no reported side effects from any individuals who have tried and tested PhenQ.

Evidently, the pill has amazing ability to bring huge and beautiful changes in your life by helping you meet your weight loss goals.

So, if you’re looking to achieve weight loss in Malaysia without dieting then, PhenQ is the perfect solution you are trying to find.



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