11 Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss Plan

Breakfast for weight loss

Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? Mixing up morning meals or trying alternating these all Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss can work!

According to scientific reading, 90% of our weight and physique entirely depends on what we are eating and what we are taking in. And in the rest 10% all kind of physical activities works. Well, in all this food we are having throughout the day breakfast is highly important.

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast that keeps you full is quite necessary. In fact, this helps you maintain energy, cut off craving vibe and lose weight. Interestingly, the people who have a healthy breakfast are tending to lose weight and keep it off easily.

However, picking out something for your breakfast typically which is healthy, nutritious and fuller is tough. So, here we have come out with the top 10 ideas of healthy and Best Breakfasts for Losing Weight.


11 Ideas for Best Breakfast for Weight Loss

What to Eat for Breakfast When Trying to Lose Weight?” is a common question we hear! Well, a filling nutritious diet with tons of fiber and vitamin can help you lose weight easily.

However, to pick a healthy breakfast with a balanced amount of protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat which keeps you full and fueled up for your day.

So, here we’ve shared some interesting Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes and foods that’s gonna help.


#1: Raspberries


A cup of raspberries delivers an enormous 8 grams of fiber that’s double than a cup of strawberries or beans. Well, what’s so great about all that fiber? Recently, the research concluded that more fiber consumption prevents further weight gain and also aids weight loss. Moreover, 2-year research by the Journal of Nutrition suggests that 8 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories yield in around 4 ½ pounds of weight loss.


#2: Oatmeal

oatmeal for weight loss

Oatmeal is a great meal and for breakfast in two ways. Firstly, it’s packed with loads of fiber which makes you fuller for longer. Secondly, breakfast with “slow-release” carbohydrates can help you burn fat quicker. The later data was found in a study on “slow-release” carbohydrates food such as oatmeal or bran cereal.


#3: Yogurt

yogurt for weight loss

Yogurt is regarded as one of the best weight loss product. In a study, 5 foods were selected as the top food and in those yogurt has made its place. If you are wondering, What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight Fast? Yogurt can turn out the best option for your breakfast meal. You can also try out flavored yogurt to bring change the taste out.


#4: Peanut Butter

peanut butter for weight loss

And yes in those Top 5 foods that promote weight loss, peanut butter has also acquired its place. Probably, that’s because peanut butter or all nuts and its butter offer a good amount of healthy fats, fiber and protein-all filling nutrients. Spreading a tablespoon of or two of peanut butter onto whole-wheat toast with some nuts is good for a balanced meal.


#5: Eggs


One large egg has enough protein as 6 grams with just 70 calories. You should know the fact that protein keeps you satisfied longer in comparison to carbohydrates and fat. According to a study, eggs keep you fuller twice longer than people who a bagel for breakfast with the same calories. Moreover, it’s regarded also as Best Lunch For Weight Loss.


#6: Scrambled Tofu

scrambled tofu

Tofus are easy peasy breakfast for weight loss. This vegan option comes in a ton of flavor which provides you varieties of taste. Moreover, these are easy to take on the go with lots of nutritional value in it. Plus, their high protein and fiber content keeps you full for longer. Besides you find several recipes of tofu in Weight Loss Breakfast Menu.  Doesn’t that sound great?


#7: Chocolate Chia Overnight Oats

Chocolate Chia Overnight

Chocolates are craving busters!! And weight loss without it seems the toughest job on earth. Well, no need to worry with Cocoa powder!! It’s the best chocolate fix, with the low calories content. Combine it with filling oats, Greek yogurt and chia seeds. You can also try out some other recipe with cocoa powder to get the taste of chocolate.


#8: Breakfast Baked Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes?  That to, Baked?  For breakfast? Hold on! I can understand your reaction.  Well, it’s highly nutritious and might turn out your alternate option for eggs and toast. Well, with baked sweet potatoes with a topping of almond butter, banana slices and chia seeds, you might forget eggs and toast again.


#9: Breakfast Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash

Surprisingly, Squash isn’t only earmarked for tedious Thanksgiving side dishes.  Some interesting meals as best breakfasts for weight loss can be created from it. Slice it half pieces and bake it until it gets tender. Now, you have to stuff some tasty items like pecans, Greek yogurt, and cinnamon. And you are done with some tasty breakfast options at your hands.


#10: Rainbow Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls

Cottage Cheese

Rainbow in a bowl in breakfast? What can be better than this in the entire world? A beautiful breakfast bowl like a rainbow made up with rich cottage cheese and fresh fibre-loaded fresh fruit is one of the best breakfasts for weight loss. You can also sprinkle on granola and chia seeds. This will add the colorful well-rounded rainbow bowl with loads of taste and flavor.


#11: Very Berry Spinach Smoothie

Spinach Smoothie

Well, if you prefer drinking over eating a whole plate meal with a fork and a spoon. This is got to be the best and healthiest breakfast recipe for you. Makes a smoothie with spinach and berries, you can also add Greek Yogurt to add on the nutritional value. Hence, you will get loads of fibre and vitamins.

Well, you can try out this Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss and Energy.  Only healthy breakfast for weight loss won’t help. You need to make an entire nutritious and healthy diet plan and follow it.

Make sure every meal is filling and packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, just eating won’t help you turn down the number on your scale. You need to put efforts at the gym.

Wishing you luck for your weight loss journey! Which breakfast meal form the above you gonna try out? Tell us in the comment box on!!

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