Top 5 Effective Body Massages For Weight Loss | Does it Work?

body massages for weight loss

Are you someone who cannot resist a health spa visit at least once a month?

Caught amongst a flurry of activates, burdened with work and worry, a refreshing massage certainly does the trick of revitalizing you.

Undoubtedly, a body massage does amazing things to your over-fatigued self, kicking you back towards your work mode, put new heart into your scheme of things, and thus make you ready for fresh new challenges.

But do you know that there are certain body massages for weight loss as well?

Well, that sounds very unconvincing, we know that, but there’re certainly supports this theory that a body massage can enhance your weight loss efforts.


Do you want to get rid of your excess weight and looking for some effective massages that can help promote fat loss?

If YES, then that’s a wonderful idea!

Massages are relaxing techniques that rejuvenate and refreshes you, reduce your stress and help you get back to routine work easily with all new energy and charm.

And, if massages can help you shed extra pounds and get rid of excess weight, then it’s a win-win situation for you.

Isn’t that wonderful!

So, if you’re looking for some effectual body massages for weight loss, then look no further.

Scroll down to discover all about it.


Can Massage Promote Weight Loss?

When something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is, and this applies to any type of body massage that promotes weight loss.

Although, massage therapy does not specifically help you with weight loss, but, it usually help decrease cellulite by breaking the subcutaneous tissue.

Further, it can also help in making the skin flexible and firm, especially for someone who has loose skin from losing weight.

Body massage offers numerous health benefits for people noticing the after-effects of weight loss.

Basically, a massage has a stimulating effect on the digestive organs, thus easing nausea, constipation and allowing your body in order to make most of the nutrition it gets.

It strongly boosts your metabolism, blood circulation and helps relax sore muscles after a workout, thereby creating a stronger version of your body and a perfect framework for you to lose weight.

Here the bottom line is: A body massage can help you in losing weight in an indirect manner. In research, regular massage has been found working and helpful in removing cellulite by breaking subcutaneous fat.

All in all, if you cannot continue with your gym because of muscle pain, a body massage can help you burn calories leading to a successful weight loss.

Below, you’ll find the most effective massages that can help you in weight loss.


5 Effective Massage Therapies That Help You Lose Weight Effectively

Body massages are extremely beneficial for the body. It works wonders on each and every part of the body.

Massages basically help in melting fat and therefore can help in losing weight.

When the rigid fat from your belly, arm, hips, thighs melt, it would be resulting in the considerable toned body and weight loss!

Here I’ve mentioned some cool body massages which you can consider for weight loss!

Take a look:


#1: Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a refreshing massage which you simply won’t be able to resist and which further helps in your weight loss efforts.

This is a special kind of body massage for weight loss that helps you stay away from splurge eating and keep your weight in check.

In addition, to help you feel relax, Aromatherapy massage utilized unique oils. The key ingredient of this kind of massage includes fruits, extract of flowers, seeds, and leaves.

This massage not only helps in weight loss efforts but also reduces your stress, muscle pain, and anxiety significantly.

It offers your body extreme energy that helps you lead a peaceful and happy life.


#2: Lymphatic Massage

Performing lymphatic massage for weight loss helps in boosting your immunity and increasing your metabolism significantly.

It helps your body to eliminate toxins. Remember, if you go for a regular lymphatic massage, it keeps you away from following unhealthy foods habits and overeating.

Also, it helps you follow a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, it helps you stay fit and fine plus keeps your weight under control. It makes your body stress free and more relaxed by driving away your anxiety.

Women who play sports are recommended to go for a lymphatic massage as it is highly beneficial in promoting the healing of injuries.


#3: Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is one of the trendiest massages that you can find popular among men and women these days.

If you want to get rid of unwanted fat and excess weight in no time, then you should go for a therapeutic massage.

It delivers outstanding results. Furthermore, it’s a deep tissue massage that makes your body get rid of excess fat, reduces your body pain, improves the blood circulation, and strengths your stamina significantly.


#4: Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage promotes the smooth functioning of your digestive system and increases your metabolism in order to keep your weight in check.

This kind of body massage helps you eradicate all the toxins from your body and keeps you healthy.

Be careful when having abdominal massage as you need to breathe deeply.

This massage to lose belly fat helps you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Going for an abdominal massage to break up fat deposits on at a regular basis helps you consume fewer calories compared to other usual days. In addition, it keeps you active throughout the day.

You stay away from feeling sluggish or tired. Being active helps you stay away from putting on unwanted fat.


#5: Vibrant Massage

To keep your weight in check, pamper yourself with vibrant massage. In this kind of body massage, vibration senses are used to get rid of excess fat and reduce your weight.

Moreover, the vibration massage technique help melts down your body fats while providing your relaxing feel.

Although, it’s hard to lose fat from some body parts like fats in hips, arm, thighs, and belly. But, it can be easily lost by going for a vibrant massage.

Vibrant massage not only promotes weight loss but also calms your mind and relaxes your body.

Now that you know these above mentioned 5 amazing body massages for weight loss, get in shape by going for some of them regularly.



Body Massages can be a help for your weight loss journey. But it’s important to keep your expectations in check.

Focus on healthy eating like calorie-controlled diet and performing physical activity each day.

Thereafter find a licensed massage therapist in your area.

People often use the search term “weight loss massage near me” to find a massage therapist who can help you to keep your body feeling strong, flexible and relaxed.


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