13 Belly Fat Burning Foods to Burn Tummy Fat Instantly [Complete List]

Belly Fat Burning Foods

Best Foods That Will Make Your Belly fat Disappear

These slimming superfoods can help slim down & melt away Belly Fat like whoa!

While staring at the cookies we all know that we should eat the yogurt kept in the refrigerator instead. Although, they both contain same number of calories.

So, what’s the difference, right?

Surprisingly, a huge difference, if you are hoping to get rid of belly fat from your frame.

However, there’s no magic bullet for weight loss, eating health food will definitely help.

Research shows that eating healthy fats, healthy proteins and healthy carbs can help slim your tummy.

These 13 superfoods are among the best source of fiber, protein and all the other nutrients and ingredients that help fight against fat.

In fact, these belly fat burning foods are so good that they’ll just melt your fat for a lean, toned and sexy abs.

You don’t have to base entire snacks and meals around them. Just make sure to follow these simple rules.

  • To get a good combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat, diversify your food at every meal.
  • Make a habit to sneak a little protein into each snack.
  • Combine two or three of these healthy foods into each of your meals and at least one of them into each snack.

Now, let’s check out the complete list of healthy foods that will help you cut the fat and get a flat belly.

13 Belly Fat Burning Foods to Get a Slimmer Physique

Here, we’ve created a list of 13 belly fat burning foods that can help you lose stomach fat and achieve your weight loss.

Take a look:

  • Oatmeal
  • Chia Seeds
  • Spinach And Other Green Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Beans
  • Fish
  • Peanut butter
  • Raspberries
  • Eggs
  • Broccoli
  • Spicy Chili Peppers
  • Nuts
  • Whole Grains


It’s time to stock up on the best belly fat burning foods to boost your health and fitness journey. Try out the following listed superfoods to melt down you belly fat instantly.

#1. Oatmeal

Belly Fat Burning FoodsOats are a great source of fiber which helps in digestion. They holds insoluble carbohydrates and fiber that control your hunger pangs, gives you strength for an intense workout and instantly reduce fat content in your body. Having a bowl of oats with skimmed milk (for breakfast) is indeed the best thing you can do every morning.

#2. Chia Seeds

Belly Fat Burning FoodsChia seeds are very beneficial for fat burning. You can include chia seeds in salads, smoothies and breakfast bowls. They are a great source of healthy fats and protein. Moreover, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds contain 10 grams of dietary fiber. Therefore, consuming chia seeds will prevent you from overeating, support your gut health, and improve digestion plus metabolism leading to a steady fat burning

#3. Spinach/Green Vegetables

Belly Fat Burning FoodsThere are some fat burning vegetables like radish greens, collard greens, kale, spinach, turnip, broccoli and carrot are very rich in minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber and water. Although they contain lower calories than fruits but these green vegetables can help reduce belly fat by boosting your metabolism, preventing you from overeating, aiding good digestion and more.

#4. Fruits

Belly Fat Burning FoodsFruits are rich in minerals and vitamins. Hence, it’s your responsibility to make them a necessary part of your belly fat diet plan to shed some pounds. Citrus fruits such as kiwi, lemon, tangerine, orange, and fresh limes are considered as the excellent fat burners that helps lose weight by boosting up your metabolism. The acid found in these fruits burns fat faster as compared to that in other fruits. Besides this, some other fat-burning fruits includes watermelons, apples, strawberries and grapes.

#5. Beans And Legumes

Belly Fat Burning FoodsBeans and legumes are rich in fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. Regular intake of these superfoods can help conquer hunger pangs, thus avoiding overeating. They are a great source of protein for vegetarians, thus try mixing these three different legumes to provide your body with different micronutrients. Plus, beans provide the body with the soluble fiber, which plays a crucial role in controlling blood cholesterol levels.

#6. Fish

Belly Fat Burning FoodsFish – a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. As we all know, proteins help build muscles and omega-3 fatty acids increases metabolic rate and reduce inflammation in the body. Do remember, lower the inflammation, the lower the chances of gaining weight that is triggered inflammation and stress.

#7. Peanut butter

Belly Fat Burning FoodsThough, peanut butter is high in calories, this food is the best option to crystalize your smoothies or breakfast. The nut butter is loaded with healthy fats and protein that reduces the chances of weight gain. But be careful with the amount that you consume as it should not exceed the daily threshold of two tablespoons of nut better per day.

#8. Raspberries

Belly Fat Burning FoodsRaspberries are considered as a great source of Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps flush out toxins or wastes from the body. They are also packed with dietary fiber plus having about 30 grams of raspberries per day is said to cancel out 300 calories that results in about 30 pounds of weight loss in a year. Thus is why, it is recommended to include them in your diet in order to lose the flab and get a slimmer tummy.

#9. Eggs

Belly Fat Burning FoodsA study published in a popular health magazine compared weight loss after an egg breakfast to that after a bagel breakfast containing similar calories. And you what? The result was amazing. The participants who consumed two eggs for the breakfast shed almost 65% weight and they also get success in reducing their waist circumference by a whopping 34%. And this is the reason why, eggs are a great source of protein and both fat-soluble vitamins & water that help control the hunger pangs at bay and build lean muscles.

#10. Broccoli

Belly Fat Burning FoodsNo doubt, broccoli is a superfood. From reducing obesity to treating cancer, this green veggie offers a wide range of benefits. In fact, according to the experts, consuming broccoli wards off the chances of falling prey to type 2 diabetes. The phytonutrients found in broccoli help remove all the toxins out of the body and boost metabolic rate, reduce inflammation, and also helps improve your body’s immune system. Regular intake of grilled or blanched broccoli with salads and soups helps you get toned and flat belly in no time.

#11. Spicy Chili Peppers

Belly Fat Burning FoodsChili peppers such as green chili, cayenne and red chili are loaded with capsaicin and vitamin C that boosts the metabolic rate and burn the fat away. Consuming these chili peppers will not only help you lose weight but also manage the flab in your belly region. Just add red chili flakes or cayenne pepper to your green chilis, salads to omelet or fritters. They not only makes the taste better but also make you slim.

#12. Nuts

Belly Fat Burning FoodsNuts such as pine nuts, walnuts, pistachios and macadamia are considered good for effective fat burning. Interestingly, they are packed with healthy fats and proteins that are responsible for increasing your satiety levels, prevent you from snacking on other trans fats-loaded junk food and improves the taste of food. In fact, according to a research in the Journal of the American Heart Association, people who consume nuts tend to have lower belly fat.

#13. Whole Grains

Belly Fat Burning FoodsCereals and whole grains are loaded with fiber which are a great way to make your stomach feel full and cut off fat. Thus we recommends looking for ones that have whole grains or oats, which contain a quarter of your daily fiber in a portion. Eat them early in the day as they will help keep you energetic, which is directly linked to your weight loss and also help you feel more full throughput the day. Some of the whole grains includes brown rice, quinoa and millet which are a good source of vitamins, proteins, minerals and dietary fiber.

So, these are the 13 belly fat burning food you must include in your diet to shed extra pounds and lose weight.

Remember! Belly fat is stubborn and you may not get rid of this in a day. Here, persistence is the key to success. Include these healthy food in your diet plan and you will see results for sure.

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